Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All-California Convention

I just got back from a weekend down in Los Angeles, and I have so many photos and thoughts to post about my weekend, both here and on the UCB Sacred Harp blog. I packed a lot into a short weekend, including some time and beer with my much-missed L.A. office and Hollywood friends and no less than 15 hours of singing (including last night's regular weekly sing)! Here's a picture Natalia took of me at the All-California Convention down in lovely San Pedro - don't I look like I know what I'm doing? Words can't express how amazing it was to stand in the middle of the hollow square - my ears are still ringing, like I spent the weekend at a rock concert. I'm croaking, but happy.


  1. Yay, pretty picture!

    (Um, clearly my new occupation is going to be spamming your blog with comments. Feel free to respond in kind.)

  2. Yay! A pretty girl is stalking my blog!


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