Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Heap o'mammals.

This cartoon pretty much sums up my life these days. It's a "Rhymes with Orange" cartoon - how long do you think it will take before they send me a cease and desist letter? Anyway, I hope you can see the snakes curled up on the bed post, because that's the cutest part (edit: or is the giraffe resting his head on Noah? I can't decide). You know you're in trouble when you're fantasizing about getting a king sized bed so that your dogs will have more room to spread out. Sick, sick, sick.


  1. Where's the picture of you and your tethered friend, hmm?

  2. Woke up this morning and the four of us were like spoons stacked in a drawer - Steve, dog, Inder, dog. I will say this - dogs are the most agreeable foot-warmers. Omie doesn't even flinch when I tuck my foot-cicles under her warm belly. Steve? Whole different story. ;-)


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