Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mu'u mu'us.

These "Built by Wendy" sewing patterns are so easy and so fresh, it makes me want to start sewing my own clothes again. I could make a bunch of these dresses and wear them all the time, with pants or with boots. Maybe I could single-handedly revive the mumu, something I've been trying to do for years! I mean, what could be more comfortable? Seriously, I'm excited to see some simple, young, hip patterns out there. When I first started sewing fifteen years ago, the pattern books were full of hideous and unflattering matching mother/daughter prairie sack dresses.

I didn't know how to spell mumu, so I looked it up. More correctly, it is "mu'u mu'u." I liked the part where Wikipedia explains, "Contrary to popular misconception, the correct Hawaiian pronunciation is moo'-oo moo'-oo." I am not usually tempted to make cow jokes, but how can you resist this?

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