Thursday, January 24, 2008

Snotty article about Sacred Harp.

I finally got around to reading this Time Magazine article on Sacred Harp. I found the tone to be unbearably snotty, commercial, and condescending, and the whole thing left me feeling, I dunno, like I need to take a shower. Creepy.

I hate it when something I really love is cited as the latest hipster fad. It's just a yucky feeling. I stop and wonder, "Am I just a sheep? Is this dark and beautiful and spiritual thing I love so much just a fad? Why can't I ever do anything original?"

But wait, what is this?:

"an album is in the works featuring alt-folk god Sufjan Stevens, alt-country hero Jim Lauderdale and (!) Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones." (Exclamation point in original).

Whoa. Okay, you have my attention now. And they will be singing Sacred Harp? Indeed, that could be interesting. I would totally stand in line with all the other hipsters to hear that . . .


  1. Ha, I first heard about this when KT sent me an email with the subject: "SUUUUUUUUUUUUUFJAN?!?!"

    Clearly, we'll be standing in the hipster line with you.

    I actually thought the article an entertaining change from the typical community newspaper puff piece. It's an understandable angle considering his vantage point is a snippet of Manhattan singing, yet some perspective putting could have been in order. (I bet there will be some press more sympathetic to the traditional side of things when this book comes out.)

  2. Oooooh, that book looks smashing!

    I seriously wonder sometimes if I should abandon my hipster ways. One time when I lived in Hollywood, I got so fed up with the snotty beautiful people in corduroy jackets and scarves that I started wearing black dresses and pearls, trying to counteract all the color and folksiness. Needless to say, this phase did not last. I just don't like black that much!

  3. Hah! Paul and I noticed that bit and were like, "we have to talk to Inder to get the lowdown."

    On the other hand -- yeah, yeah, Sufjan Stevens is exciting, but ... mmm, Midwest Convention!


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