Friday, January 18, 2008

Sock creatures.

Hi, my name is Inder, and I'm obsessed with sock creatures. First I bought my 11 year old friend Jackie a "Stupid Sock Creatures" book and kit for Christmas, thinking, "I hope this isn't too young for her - I like it!" The "Stupid Sock Creatures" book featured all kinds of edgy, punk-rock sock designs, including creepy two-headed monkeys, which seemed almost hip enough, even though nothing is ever hip enough for a tween/teen.

I kept thinking about that book, and the many hip sock monster possibilities, long after Christmas. I soon realized that really, I wanted to make two-headed punk rock monkeys, and that's why I was so entranced by that book. Well, duh. That's when I found this book, which is another super-hip sock creature book. It is Japanese and has a distinctly Japanese pop-culture vibe. And the creature on the cover looks a little like a sock pit bull!!! AAAACCCCKKK! When I saw the sock pit bull, I almost didn't care what was inside - I had already mentally shelled out the cash. My friends know how crazy I am about pit bulls, wanting to rescue every single poor abused pit bull in Oakland, and maybe Richmond and San Leandro too. But anyway, inside are even cuter creatures - a sock sheep, a glove pig, a sock zebra (from a striped sock, obviously), even a mitten mouse!

I am so out of control that I even found myself explaining all about the sock creatures to a poor hapless (but lovely) woman from Olympia who had the bad luck to sit next to me on the 8:15 a.m. flight from Oakland to Burbank this morning. She was very sweet and insisted that I was not that annoying person who chats people's ears off on planes (but I know better). Let's just say my conversation was so self-absorbed that I didn't even get her name. I suck! I'm so sorry, lady from Olympia! Write me sometime and introduce yourself - I'll send you a glove pig to make it up to you!

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