Saturday, January 26, 2008


Despite an incipient case of influenza, I took Rebecca down to San Leandro to check out a few thrift stores. The ones up here in Oakland and Berkeley are picked over by hipsters and no good.

I made out like a bandit:

  • Here's an old porcelain doll. She just needs a new cute little retro wardrobe (I'm always running into cute old doll clothes at garage sales and flea markets, and they are fun to sew). What girl doesn't love dressing up their dolls? Well, Rebecca, apparently. She was actually scared of the dolls her grandma gave her when she was growing up.

  • Don't tell Steve, but I want to start collecting porcelain dogs. Don't ask me where this collection is going to go. Now, where am I going to find a porcelain pit bull?

  • Here's a wacky daisy vase. I love tacky stuff like this. Imagine how much they would charge for this at Anthropologie?

  • And my favorite of the day, an emroidered wall-hanging to add to my collection, in cheery yellow. I've never seen an embroidered mason jar before. Me likey.

  • I also found "The Practical Exclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement, Vol. GAT to KIT," published in 1972. There is some really hip stuff in here! Dig this bedroom:

  • On the other hand, this room is so Urban Outfitters:

  • And I could happily work in a craft area that looks like this, but I can't help wondering - where are the piles of crap?

I also ended up with a heap of soft cotton vintage pillowcases, which I'm convinced I could make something with (don't hold your breath), a scary anti-sexy flannel housecoat for cold nights doing housework, and a couple of tops which I'm not sure about yet (because of course I bought them without trying them on and put them in the wash the second I arrived home - ugh, stinky flea market clothes!).

Rebecca only ended up with a pair of pants and a few tops, but was very supportive of my heaps of 1970s memorabilia. During a break, she shared the joys of Mexican pastry with me, and I slurped down the most delicious, dark coffee. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


  1. Hey look, my day turned into blog-form without me lifting a finger! If I just go shopping with you every day, I'll never have to post again.

  2. It seems funny that while Inder proclaims to be near death she can
    still manage to shop. Just imagine the money she could spend if she was
    healthy...wait a minute I can imagine it I see the bills every month.

  3. Oh, no, he doesn't see the bills. At least, not all of the bills ...


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