Monday, February 25, 2008

2008 Oscar Fashion Post-Mortem.

I don't actually watch the Oscars. The painful comedy! Those interminable acceptance speeches! So insanely tedious! And Joan Rivers just hurts my eyes (and ears). But I do check out all of the outfits on the internet the next day, duh. Is it just me or was this year a bit boring? I blame it on the strike. Still, there were a couple of really gorgeous dresses.

Inder's Best Dressed of 2008:

Helen Mirren, you can do no wrong. If I look half this good at half her age (wait, I think I am half her age), I will consider myself blessed. Also, I really like sleeves. Not because I'm self-conscious about my upper arms (although many women are), but because sleeves are graceful and interesting.

And Amy Adams - simple, interesting, and green! Yay! Deco gold purse! Yay!

Inder's Worst Dressed of 2008:

I have so much respect for Daniel Day Lewis, but it turns out I respect his acting skills and not his fashion sense. What is this suit? Are those tapered pants? What on earth are those brown shoes about? Are her shoes striped or zebra printed? Is her dress held up by Christmas gift bows? They look like Mr. and Mrs. Count Olaf from Lemony Snicket.

Last but not least, Inder nominates Keri Russel for "Actress Most In Need of a Cookie":

Sheesh, someone feed this poor girl!


  1. Unfortunately for me, Jason does i got a fair amount done last night on my sweater!

    I would have to contest for worst dressed on a technicality. The outfit that Kristin Chenoweth had on for the performance of "How do you know" from Enchanted was the worst! Bad ruffles on the front and some weird over skirt thing. Couldn't find any pic's...but here's a video.

  2. The woman from the Once soundtrack looked pretty bad too, from the front. it's like she had little boob bubbles in an otherwise pretty dress. it must have just caught the stage lights wrong or something. also, it was pretty obvious she, gasp, curled her hair herself. with a curling iron. sad, sad postcommunist nationals.

    seriously. the dress made her look like she had michaelangelo boobs, way closer to the back and waistline than they really are. way too much space in the middle. i watched them on youtube bc i have a massive crush on glen hansard. so soulful! now, he goddam knows how to rock a suit.

  3. I agree with my posters that there were other awful dresses at the Oscars - funny that no one is arguing about the best dressed folks! I think Tolstoy said something about this - "All nice dresses are basically similar, but each ugly dress is unique and special."

    But Marketa's was simple but just unfortunately unflattering, and not a giant gift-wrapped gothic tablecloth of a dress. Sorry, doesn't even hold a candle.


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