Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another sign of spring.

At least in Inder's mind (spring hits Inder's mind earlier than it does the real world):

The woman on the right looks like she's about to sneeze. Probably hay-fever, caused by all of those lovely spring flowers.

I'm really excited about this dress, because it's really simple, so maybe I actually have the skills to sew it? But it's not some kind of boring one-hour sheath (read: sack) dress, either. I'm imagining myself running around in soft cotton frocks and sandals all summer, happily learning to "put up" my garden vegetables.

Also, I'm counting down the days until the Vernal Equinox and daylight savings, when I'll be able to resume walking the dogs in the evenings. Unlike many of those closest to me, who love winter and snow sports, I live for summer, heat, growing things, and peep-toed 40s-style wedge shoes.

(Note to self: Try to remember not to walk the dogs in peep-toed, platform heeled shoes this year. Remember all those skinned knees last summer?)

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