Thursday, February 21, 2008

First dress in a decade.

Well, folks, here it is. I'm not saying it's amazing or anything. It makes me look like a cross between a cossack and a nun. It turned out a bit better than a baggy nighty, however, after some adjustments. My sewing skills are rusty. I used a "Built by Wendy" pattern, Simplicity #3964. The inset in the front was way harder than I realized it would be. But the sleeves were really easy and I love them. (Edit: I should add that I put the tunic sleeves on the dress length, for a warmer SF winter dress.)

(More editing: I know, the photo is dark. It's a little better if you click on it. But I kind of like it that way - you can't see how homemade it looks!)

What I learned:
  • Soft cotton twill feels lovely, but shows mistakes in a bad way.
  • Also, you can't rip seams very well, because the fabric is too soft and tearable, so you can't fix mistakes, either.
  • Sewing requires actual skills, many of which I do not currently possess.
  • All sleeves should have elastic cuffs - they're easy and cute and you can push them up.
  • There's probably a reason many craft-bloggers refer to "Version 2" of a dress. I might have to try this again to really get it right.

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  1. i can't really see the dress's shape bc the photo's a bit dark!

    pretty, pretty color.


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