Sunday, February 17, 2008

New York, New York!

Jonny Justice takes on NYC! What gets me about this photo is - he's so tiny! What kind of idiot would try to fight a 30 pound dog? Michael Vick, apparently. Thankfully, Jonny's not worried about that anymore. He's currently thinking, "Horses? Whoa!!"

Steve jokes that I blog about pit bulls too much.

I'm constantly pointing to Omie and saying, "Steve, look at her, she's so cute!" So he turns his head, but Omie looks pretty much the same as always and nothing remarkable is actually happening. I do this about ten times a day. It can get boring living with a doting dog-fanatic. Also, he has to sleep with two snoring, bed-hogging dogs (he's a lighter sleeper than I) - "but they keep my feet warm!," I whine - so he's entitled to a little grumpiness.

But I say "Too many pit bulls? Not possible!"

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