Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Because you can never have too many pit bulls!

(Also known as "It's my blog, and I'll blog what I want to.")

As you know, I'm obsessed and smitten with pit bulls (especially my little Naomi/Omie/Ominsky/Omitronic/Omilicious) and spend a good amount of energy boring my friends to death on the topic. You, my dear reader, are no exception. So I've been collecting old photos of pits with their kids, looking huggable, with all those cute muscles.

Because, of course, pit bulls used to be the all-american family dog before bad people starting using them as status symbols and guard dogs.

Pits were bred to fight other dogs back when this was prime entertainment for the lower-classes, but they were also selectively bred for sweetness and gentleness towards people and children. Back in the day, most fighting dogs were also family dogs. Also, handlers needed to be able to reach into the ring to break up dog fights, so dogs that bit their handlers were ruthlessly culled. For better or worse, that's how pit bulls came to be.

Of course, not all pits were fighters - at the turn of the century, pit bulls were super popular as general farm dogs. They are excellent at hunting vermin (watch out, squirrels), they are smart enough to herd sheep (in theory, anyway - our Omie is working the cute, spazzy, and dumb angle instead), strong enough to herd cattle, and brave enough to take on an angry bull or a coyote.

Anyway, blame the owners, not the breed, people. (Cue: Inder stepping off her soapbox.)

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