Monday, March 17, 2008

Current obsessions.

Here's what I've been obsessing over lately:

  1. I'm crazy about these shoes. I'm so excited about the return of 1940s/Beatnik wedges to mainstream fashion. Hopefully, they're still fringy enough that I don't need to fear them becoming a huge fad and then obsolete. And, Crouton has finally stopped eating my shoes (knock on wood), so I can enjoy buying them again!
  2. I'm also fantasizing about buying a farm. Maybe a farm is even better than Beatnik wedges? I'm fantasizing about this farm, to be precise. 57 Acres of Prime Agricultural Land outside of Woodland, with three houses on it. This house reminds me a little of the house in "Psycho", if it were only on a hill. Farm fantasies turn out to be the perfect antidote to thoughts of plummeting housing values and negative equity. I've already looked into getting organic certification for my imaginary farm. I'm nothing if not thorough.

  3. Short of buying a farm, what about a plot at the local community garden? Steve points out that I may be signing myself up for too much. I mean, I already have one garden, and also, inconveniently at times, I have a job. But I got really inspired by my step-mom's gorgeous plot at her community garden down in San Jose. It was so sunny! And tidy! And there were no dogs digging in it! You can see the appeal.

  4. Speaking of signing up for too much, can't I adopt Tyson? Please??? I mean, Crouton is finally housetrained (as of, like, today), so that means we can get a third dog, right? Look at that cute little shoe-chewing mug!

I think we've come full circle.

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