Friday, March 21, 2008


Most of you are already aware of my penchant for dissonant, dark music. If you've often asked me "How can you listen to this stuff? This music sounds like a cat in heat!" (ahem, that's you, Stefani), you won't be interested in this band. But for those of you who, like me, consider pathos to be your favorite emotion, and often find cats in heat surprisingly melodic - well, you might want to keep reading.

So here it goes: If you like Cat Power, or My Brightest Diamond, you might like Loop!Station (go to their site and hear a sample).

According to their website, Loop!Station is "Robin Coomer [pictured above - yes, she's really beautiful] and Sam Bass. One woman, one man, one voice, one cello, multiple layered 'loops' hand tooled and shaped into lovely, cascading, provocative orchestral compositions with an immediate soul-rocking palpability." I would qualify this by saying that the looping cello is more soul-rocking than orchestral (at least, to me - but I tend to be turned off by the term "orchestral," which sounds hoity-toity and inaccessible to me).

They're also local, and often play around Oakland and San Francisco. Steve and I are inherently lazy, home-loving people, but we're going to try to see them in April.

You can download their albums on iTunes or CDBaby.

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