Sunday, March 2, 2008

More spring fever.

Blossoms on our little peach tree:

Omie supervising the digging of the vegetable beds. That's swiss chard in the background. Omie says, "Steer manure is yummy!" Update (if you have a delicate constitution, stop reading now): Omie later puked up said tasty manure onto Steve's and my bed. No, I'm not kidding. If only I were kidding! I saw it coming (how much composted poop can a dog keep down?), but Steve was the one to discover it. He said it smelled like a hot day in Davis, California, where he grew up.

Are you feeling guilty about all of those bulbs you failed to plant last fall? Are you on a wagon and don't know what to do with that shot glass collection? Inder has the answer for you:

The Johnny Jump-Ups I planted last year are still going strong. It's crazy what ends up being "perennial" in Oakland. Have I mentioned that I love California? Not because of the pretty people, but ah, the lovely climate.

Inder ambitiously purchases onion starts, an artichoke, parsley, thyme, snapdragons, and more violets. But most likely, Steve will be the one to plant them, because you can't dig a bed, apply manure, and plant in one day. At least, not until after daylight savings.


  1. I sooo want fruit trees in my tinsy backyard. I grew up with them and LOVE them. I'll have to come over and enjoy yours sometime. Hehehe... The shot glass idea is super smart!

  2. I actually saw crocus this morning when I was running through what might have been someone's backyard. And I'm in Virginia! It was so surprising.

    I recently moved from Walnut Creek (I miss California!) to Virginia. Winter is so cold.

    Thanks for the goodreads invite!


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