Sunday, March 23, 2008

Party ideas brainstormed with Linda over breakfast.

  1. Garden work party - you come over to my house, drink a white wine spritzer on the back patio, and pitch in with the garden. Pros: free labor. Cons: the dogs leave kind of a lot of land mines in the back yard - it could end badly.
  2. Apron-making party - you come over to my house with some fabric, and we all make aprons. Pros: you get an apron. Cons: I only have one accessible sewing machine.
  3. Tomato party - instead of having a pumpkin party, we have a tomato party. Everyone brings something cooked with tomatoes, and we gorge. Pros: maybe I enlist your help with canning said tomatoes and send you home with tons more. Cons: Eating that much tomato could give the guests acid indigestion.
  4. Felting party - all my knitting friends make use of my washer and drier to make felt. Pros: I might get some felt to sew up into cool bags, etc. Cons: I have exactly two friends who would want to attend this party.


  1. Jason wants an apron...I'd be up for all of them as well. I can bring my sewing machine over. I've never done felting...but i like new challenges.

    I do WANT my lesson on crewel work please : )

  2. About that tomato party--
    you shouldn't allow anyone to COME with tomatoes... tomato-friendly ingredients, perhaps. You want them to LEAVE with tomatoes. And zucchini?

    As for the knitting party, I bet you have more knitting friends who could get into felting. It could always be a craft party, with felting as one of the options.

  3. Let me tell you, felting at the laundromat is pretty sketch.

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