Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Unless you're reading the Oxford English Dictionary (all 20 volumes) for fun ...

When I said that you need a largish purse to carry your fun reading, I did not mean this:

She's kidding, right? That's a joke £3,000 Hermes bag, right? In a sick twist, the Daily Mail includes this picture under the headline "Katie Holmes pays tribute to Jackie Kennedy." Oh, noooooo. Poor Jackie must just be rolling in her grave.

Erin over at A Dress A Day labeled this photo "Suri is IN the bag." Personally, I'm wondering if she could pull a hatstand and five foot ornately-framed mirror out of it, like Mary Poppins. If so, I retract all criticism.

1 comment:

  1. Is it supposed to make you look skinnier in comparison? I mean, forget Suri, she could fit Tom in that bag.


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