Saturday, April 5, 2008

100 Foot Diet, Week #1 (Lemontastic).

Kale with kalamata olives and red pepper flakes, served with lemon wedges. (Kale and lemon from the garden.) Loosely taken from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, by Deborah Madison, but we ignored most of the actual instructions.

Macaroni and cheese from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. (Okay, none of this came from the garden, but it was tasty.)

Meyer lemon bars, from Alpineberry. (You guessed it, lemons from the garden.) Intense, but delicious!

My cheap digital camera chose this moment to give up the ghost, but Steve took a picture of the Meyer lemon bars, which turned out way more beautifully than any of my photos anyway.

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  1. I love Meyer lemons. Why? Because they are a hybrid of lemons and mandarin oranges. And because Uncle Moe, the Iranian carpenter, used to bring me 10 pounds of them a week when I worked at peet's. Hell yeah I gave him free coffee.


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