Sunday, April 20, 2008

Catch-up 2.0.

I've been hermitting lately. I haven't been picking up the phone (sorry Stefani, Mom, Kim, and Ida). And I haven't been posting here. I don't know what my excuse is - I'm busy, but not that busy. Here's the update:

  1. Buying no new clothing has been a piece of cake, because I'm not really leaving the house right now.
  2. We've been doing pretty well with the 100 foot diet challenge, although it's getting a little boring. There's only so much lemon and chard you can take. I can't wait until we have peas, beans, tomatoes, and squash!
  3. I have been baking bread the past couple weeks, and organizing at least one messy corner while the bread rises. Here's today's work - the cookbook niche in our kitchen:

I'm not saying it's clutter-free or anything (we don't really do "minimalist" in this house), but it's much better, right?

I also organized my bookshelves, trying mightily to put books into intuitive, easy to remember groupings. Like contemporary fiction, modern fiction, 19th century fiction, and pre-19th century literary works. I also created a crafts and gardening section, which looks like this (there are old editions, childrens' books, and environmental books mixed in there too):

Hardly something you'd see in Better Homes and Gardens, but it's a major improvement (especially once I upended the pumpkin again). I was too embarrassed by the "before" to take a picture.

You wouldn't believe the amount of dust and dog hair I found mixed up with all of my books! This was a two-Claritin project.

Now, I need to go check on my bread.


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