Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Deconstructing Barbie."

This is the creepiest, most disturbing, and let's face it, coolest, collection of wearable art I've seen in a good while. Click on one of the pictures to be linked to the Etsy shop and more information about the artist, Margaux Lange.

My dear departed friend Marc Salak would have appreciated this very much. He once decorated his Christmas tree with Barbie-leg and Barbie-arm ornaments. Okay, it wasn't really a Christmas tree, it was a heap of elk antlers piled in the shape of a Christmas tree (the leg and arm ornaments looked strikingly like icicles, actually). Anyway, wherever he is right now, he's likely moaning, "Barbie eyeball jewelry?!! Why didn't I think of that?"

And I happen to be the lucky person who inherited his Barbie doll and assorted Barbie doll parts collection (okay, I got it because everyone else was too creeped out by it). Hm ...


  1. i would totally wear these! i really like the eyeball earrings but i especially like the smile necklaces. something to save for perhaps?

    i feel that if marc made these, they'd be a tad uglier. more violated barbie, less hand crafted artisanship. which is also dope. but perhaps not expensive ironic jewelry?

  2. Possibly. But you know he'd be annoyed someone else had come up with the idea, which is the point ...

    (For the record, of course, he made me lots of beautifully handcrafted jewelry - but violated Barbie? Yeah, he'd be all over that.)

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