Saturday, April 5, 2008

The real challenge.

The 100 foot diet project is relatively easy. I mean, sure, I'm planting some extra veggies this year, so hopefully we'll be able to make at least a few meals almost entirely from the backyard, but using something from the garden every week? We already do that.

So here's the real challenge. I'm a little scared to record it in such a pubic area, because of the rather high chance of public failure. But I hope sharing the challenge with y'all will help me stick to it.

Here are the rules:

1) I will buy NO NEW CLOTHING,


Second hand clothing, thrift stores, and sewing are allowed. Occasional purchases of new pantyhose, etc., are allowed, in an emergency, but only with Steve's permission. The permission issue has nothing to do with permission, of course - it's simply a matter of forcing me to be honest about my purchases and not sneak around.

(I've perfected various sneaky shopping techniques over the years, including leaving things in the car for several days before bringing them in, putting full bags of new things in the back of the closet, and of course, the "what? this old thing?" response to questions. This would be screwed up enough, but it's especially weird given that Steve is generally supportive of my shopping. Can we say issues?)

Mostly, it would just be awesome to have a little more money for a few months. I mean, I have tons and tons of cute spring outfits. I don't need any more. If I must have more, I can thrift for more.

No more Anthropologie. No more Urban Outfitters. No. No. No.

I'm marking June 5 on my calendar. That's the goal.

A few exceptions have already been discussed. For example, I can buy shoes, but only to replace the shoes my dogs chew up. This is a fairly generous exception, given how tasty my dogs seem to find my footwear.

Coming soon: Whiny progress reports.


  1. Inder, I'll do my best, but Natalia already knows that I am the GREAT ENABLER when it comes to encouraging other people to spend their money.

    Good luck!

  2. It sounds a lot harder than it truly is. I find the key's to be:

    1. Not going to eat near or within a mall-ish area (No Cheesecake factory in Union Square)

    2. Keeping busy...not that i don't have 9 million projects always going, but this motivates me to spend the time and energy on them instead of out shopping about.

    3. Take your favorite credit card out of your wallet, or put it in the back where it doesn't stick out. This makes me think about where the money is coming from BEFORE i say "Do you take Amex?"

    4. Projects, Projects, Projects

    Speaking of those fantabulous events ... is there an apron party in sight? ; )

  3. Seriously. She tempted me with yarn.


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