Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blogging follow-ups.

Crouton ate a bunch of raw bread dough, swelled up to approximately the size of one of those Heineken mini-kegs, started acting liking he had drunk two of them, and ended up at the animal ER, getting intravenous fluids.

So much for my hard-core bread-making phase - I haven't had the heart to make bread since it almost killed my dog.

And remember those holes the dogs were busy digging? Well, I fell into one, and skinned my knees. Ouch! The bigger ouch came when I realized we were out of Neosporin and I had to use hydrogen peroxide instead. Wow. That &%$@ hurts.

We do seem to have the moth-infestation under control, thanks to daily vigilance from Steve. So the ick-factor in our lives is once again mostly dog-related (as it should be). Our cupboards are now lined with attractive glass jars full of beans and grains. The only problem is that our freezer is full to overflowing - it's a good day when you can open it without a pound of millet landing on your shoes. The general consensus in the household seems to be: "Inder really needs to work on that Depression-era mentality of hers. I hear therapy works wonders for pearl barley hoarding."

My new-clothing fast is over, and I did hit Target with Rebecca and score a couple of cute items that I'll be sporting soon. However, I am holding off on expensive items, including adorable, made-for-Inder suits. Saving money is no fun, but I was newly inspired after seeing the vet bill for Crouton.

Tyson is still up for adoption! What a cutie! With all the good pit bull news lately (combined with cute photos), I've sort of forgotten why we don't have a dozen of the cute little spark-plugs running around the house in a little pit bull pack. Oh ... wait ... what's wrong with this picture? Oh, yeah, and Steve reminds me of this. And that whole budgeting thing. Sigh.

Motivation: The price of our farm has been reduced - again!

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