Monday, June 9, 2008

Good news in the dog world!

The Dutch government has decided to lift its 15 year ban on pit bulls! (Or maybe it's 25 years? There is some confusion in the article.) Why? Because, after reviewing the policy, the government found that the ban "did not lead to any decrease in bite incidents." The evidence just doesn't support breed-specific legislation. It's so good to see those words in print!

See the photo of a white pit bull associated with the article? That's Teddles, one of the Vick dogs. Two years ago, when I first got Omie, I never dreamed I would see this much positive press about pit bulls so soon!

I don't think Omie knows she is a pit bull, but if she did, she'd be smiling (as it is, she's smiling at me in this photo because Steve is about to throw her a pine cone to chase - a real reason to be happy!).

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