Thursday, June 12, 2008

Searching for ...

As it turns out, half the fun of having a blog is reading your blog stats. Especially the Google searches that have lead readers to your blog.

Some of my favorites:

Can pit bulls herd sheep?

Um, not my pit bull. But in theory, yes. Still, I've heard that pit bulls are generally better at herding cows - they nip a bit too hard to be ideal for sheep.

Bread maggots + yeast

That does sound like something I would talk about, doesn't it? Believe me, if that combination comes up in my life, I will blog about it.

Bolting swiss chard can you eat it?

Yes. But mine usually bolts when I become so sick of the sight of the stuff that I don't have the energy to prune it back anymore. Right now it's bolting all over our tomatoes and potatoes. We keep saying, "Look, the potatoes are flowering!" only to discover that those are actually chard flowers. But I'm letting it make a mess of the garden in order to encourage a new generation of "volunteers" for the fall. By the time they come up, boiled chard stems might sound good again.

Folk art mobile homes

Oh, do tell! That sounds right up my alley!

Footwarmers pitbull poison

At first, reading this, I was imagining Omie poisoning herself with a pair of cute wool socks. But then I remembered those chemical footwarmers that people use in cold climates. I live in California. This is unlikely to come up.

Hypochondria blog

Oh, is that what this is?

Tips how to impress husband

I need those tips too! Falling ungracefully into dog-holes, screaming and kicking when Steve tries to disinfect my wounds, and cramming the freezer so full of whole grains that Steve can't find his frozen pizza - amazingly, this is not doing the trick.

I have three pit bulls is that too many?

It is not possible to have too many pit bulls, you lucky creature.

What do you do when you decide to be a poor, country-folk artist?

That is a really good question. Uh, start praying? Hang in there.

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  1. Whoa, your blogsearches are way more fun than ours! Jealous!

    Though here are my recent faves:
    "clockwork tableaux"
    "feliz dia de padre with a beer in the back"


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