Wednesday, July 2, 2008

40s-style platforms - in the flesh!

I haven't been posting enough pictures lately. Blogs without pretty pictures are like ... um ... blogs without pretty pictures. So I thought I should mention that I have found a new obsession. Faryl Robin shoes. Especially when procured at a steep discount at the Loehman's Outlet (which happens to be disturbingly close to my place of work). I'm wearing these for the first time today (with a black pencil skirt, black short sleeved sweater, and fitted brown plaid vest, thanks for asking), and have almost fallen down only once in them so far. Not bad for platforms, which are notoriously unstable. They are so Casablanca. Too bad I'm so not Ingrid Bergman (at least, in terms of natural grace and poise - oh, yeah, and everything else). Sigh.

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  1. i dunno 'bout that... Ingrid B, Inder B. Sounds kind of similar... and you certainly have more grace and poise than most women our age that I know (as evidenced by the cat-walking I witnessed to that "I'm Too Sexy" song)!


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