Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nami, come back [to] San Francisco.

(I am egregiously misquoting the Magnetic Fields here.) Nami visited us from Japan a few weekends ago, and I just got my grubby paws on Steve's wonderful photos. Nami, it was so good to see your smiling face. Come back to California (we know we're annoying, but we love you).


  1. oh my! i guess as long as i am friends with steve, I can look forward to the occasional hi-def photo as age slowly takes the upper hand. thank you for your hospitality the other weekend! i will make it back to california, somehow, someway. but if I come back too soon, who's going to blog about my mom? ah, the pitfalls of being the only child...

  2. Oh, we have WAY worse pictures than this one. ;-)

    And I agree, Yoko needs to be chronicled.


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