Monday, October 13, 2008

Yeah, yeah, I'm still alive.

Yeah, it's been a while. A long, long while. My excuse?: I've found it suprisingly hard to maintain a Facebook account and a blog at the same time. Seriously.

But, nonetheless, I've been filing things away to share with y'all.

Like this great postcard from the golden years of bully-dog-hood (thanks Bad Rap Blog!):

And this dress, from Anthropologie, which I really must have:

It's funny, because I'm really not into the one-shouldered Flinstones thing, at all, but I love this dress. Maybe it's the fact that the one-shouldered thing is sheer black net, and I have a thing for sheer black anything? Anyway, I simply covet the dress.

(But I've been good, and haven't actually shopped at Anthropologie in so long. Really, you'd be proud. Global economic collapse has been a real motivator. Speaking of which, get moving on your "recession garden"!)

I've also (finally) discovered Net-A-Porter, home to designer apparel that is so ridiculously far out of my price range as to not even constitute a shopping risk. That sound you hear? That would be a strangulated moan of appreciation coming from my throat:

It's so subtle and understated, but so beautiful! And priced at less than one mortgage payment (calculated based on pre-bubble-bursting real estate values - i.e., the amount I actually pay), it's practically a steal!

I'll be back - in less than three months this time, I promise!

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