Sunday, February 22, 2009

An even more pregnant Inder models a new apron.

I am daily amazed by my expanding girth. Here I am, 30 weeks pregnant (but not barefoot, it's too cold) in the kitchen, modeling the "1940s Apron from Val's Kitchen" from the Decades of Style pattern company. Rest assured that despite all appearances, I am a career woman.

As you can see, I decided to stick with the heart-shaped pocket after all, and it turned out adorably. This is a very simple, lovely pattern. Note that I made my own bias binding from a soft yellow calico! I machine sewed the binding on one side, and then slip-stitched the back down by hand, making what could be an hour project into one that took several evenings. But the extra time was well worth it. The final result is very clean and simple.

But the big hassle with making bias binding is not applying it (hand-sewing takes a while, but you can do it while watching television), but creating it to begin with. Cutting it is a fussy business, involving finding the grain of the fabric, then finding the bias (at a 45 degree angle to the grain), then either doing a continuous bias loop or using the rotary cutter to cut strips and then sew them together. Both techniques are a bit tedious. And I don't know how women did it before the invention of clear plastic quilting rulers with angles marked on them. Once you've cut and sewed the binding, you have to iron it into "tape" with the appropriate folds for your project - let's just say the burns on my knuckles are just now healing up. (Here, but not before, one of those bias tape makers they sell at the fabric store would really come in handy - you feed the flat tape into one end, and it comes out folded and ready to iron. Note to self: buy one.)

Despite the hassle, I love the way it turned out, so I'll be doing it again. Maybe I'll get better and faster at it.

I'll be giving this apron away as a gift, but I'm not disclosing to whom. If possible, I will post photos of it on this mystery-non-pregnant-recipient.


  1. Super Cute! I like how the pockets came out. Bias is so not my friend.

  2. You adorable pregnant apron-wearer, you!

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