Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just your average week on the urban homestead.

This week:
  1. We finally got Joe on Daylight Savings Time (sort of). 
  2. I made two snowy white breads from Secrets of a Jewish Baker: Buttermilk Bread (eh) and Cheese Bread (pure cheesy genius!).
  3. I am reading Lilith's Brood, by Octavia Butler, and it is blowing my mind. Thanks, E.! (E. reportedly read this book in her third trimester, including while she was in labor and about to deliver her daughter. Forget reading while breastfeeding! Reading during labor? That is multitasking! And that's not all. The novel is about aliens who co-opt the human species and gently coerce/seduce them into bearing half-alien children. My friend, I doff my cap to you.) Sadly, my only time to read these days is during my 13 minute BART commute and while I pump breastmilk at work, so it's going a bit slower than I want it to. I am currently in the process of pump weaning (I'm not weaning Joe yet, I'm just pumping less when I'm at work), and my main regret is the loss of time for fun reading.
  4. I am finishing up listening to an audio recording of Homer's Odyssey, translated by Robert Fagles, and read aloud by Ian McKellan. What I have learned so far: (1) Ancient Greek men cried a lot; (2) "Crafty" and "cunning" both mean "outrageous, baldfaced liar"; (3) It sucks to be dead; and (4) Listening to Ian McKellan "sing" the Odyssey is downright unbearable at times. 
  5. Rebecca and I sprouted broccoli sprouts, but then we forgot about them and they molded. We promised to try it again, but then forgot about it again.
  6. Joe discovered a new move, wherein he flails his arms backwards like a swooning Victorian woman and rolls his eyes back dramatically when he is upset about something. It is histrionic, to say the least. He once swooned so violently while sitting on the floor that he smacked his head on the hardwood floor. Quick, fetch the smelling salts! I am reminded of the scene from Pride and Prejudice when Mrs. Bennet says to Mr. Bennet: "You have no compassion on my poor nerves." And Mr. Bennet responds: "You mistake me, my dear. I have a high respect for your nerves. They are my old friends. I have heard you mention them with consideration these twenty years at least." Mrs. Bennet, move over. Joseph Roscoe is here.
  7. Steve and I are fantasizing about buying a farm. Again. This time, it's a 70s ranch home with 80 acres of grazing land right on Interstate 505. I'm thinking of raising sheep and goats, and making cheese. Steve is imagining getting a few cattle and raising sustainably farmed meat. We were thinking that if we could just hold a big enough garage sale, we might be able to afford the down payment? It would have to be a really big garage sale. I'm accepting Paypal donations towards "The Compound." (Just kidding. Maybe.)
  8. Rebecca had a homemade marmalade tasting party. I had friends over for brunch and tried to unload so-so buttermilk bread on them.
  9. I am still obsessed with xx, by The xx. It's just so pretty.
  10. My little garden of cooking and salad greens is the delight of the local slug population and my dogs, once they figured out how to scale my rigged fence of chicken-wire and sticks. The dogs, that is - the slugs don't need to scale anything. Can't use slug bait because it can kill dogs and hurt babies. I'm just hoping they leave us a few leaves of something.
  11. I bought my first pair of new, cute, postpartum jeans. Then I giddily wore said jeans almost every single day.
  12. In my professional capacity, I attended an unusually interesting planning commission meeting, where I learned all about another kind of garden: the indoor, hydroponic, medicinal variety.
  13. A very good friend (girlfriend) of a very good friend (brother) of a very good friend (hi Anne!) blogged about my blog! But I'm not superhuman, really! I just never go out anymore. Coming soon: A blog post where I explain in detail all of the things that I used to do, but never do anymore, thus making it extremely clear how I find time to do all of the things I do now (I have put this post off, because it is depressing).
  14. And I played peek-a-boo with Joe at the back door.


  1. the xx is playing the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur June 3rd. I imagine it's already sold out. But a girl can dream.

  2. Luckily, since "going to concerts" is DEFINITELY on my list of things I don't do anymore (see also, going to restaurants, going to bars, going to the theater, and going out in almost every possible form except "going to the park"), it doesn't matter if it's sold out! Have fun at the show, kids! Sigh.

  3. I want to buy this Jewish Baker book, but I have put a ban on book buying. WHAT TO DO? Can you scan the cheesy genius bread recipe? Perhaps it will be the way I start to get rid of my flour.

  4. Emily - Sure! I wanted to scan a couple of the recipes for friends. I will include the cheese bread in the batch. Also, I'm also on a new book-buying moratorium, and I have been using interlibrary loans and buying used books on Amazon. I figure if I continue to sell books, I am allowed some used books. But I am a skilled rationalizer (helps in my profession).

  5. I love this! It's a poem. And you're hilarious.

  6. I missed this last post! By the way, I highly recommend the cheese bread, toasted, with marmalade.

  7. that's so cool you're reading Octavia Butler. Have you read Parable of the Sower? That should be next, in your ample spare time. Perhaps the audio version, to listen to while researching cases?

    I LOVE the farm idea! When you guys are ready, I have a friend in NC who knows all about sustainable meats, she's involved in building an infrastructure to get them to market without having to go through the same nasty slaughterhouses they use for corporate meat.

  8. Susanna - I've already added Parable of the Sower to my to-read list! I'm loving Lilith so much!

    Alas, we are deeply underwater on our mortgage, so the farm thing is still very much a fantasy. But if we ever sort it out, sounds like your friend would be a great resource!!


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