Sunday, April 25, 2010

Major milestones for Joe!

Just in the past week or so, Baby Boy Joseph has learned to wave hello and goodbye, taken his first steps, made the baby signs for "more" and "milk," and learned to back down steps rather than dive head-first off of them. He has also learned to climb on top of our living room side-tables, but that is more of a "major problem" than a "major accomplishment." This, in the midst of an evil head cold that just refuses to quit. No amount of snot can slow this kid down! (His parents, on the other hand, are a different story. "Pop two Sudafed" has been added to my regular morning routine, right after "brush teeth.")

P.S. That's Doc Watson's "Dill Pickle Rag" in the background. Pickle Watch '010 continues!


  1. More stop motion baby films, please! Next time I want old fashioned subtitles. Yay Joe!

  2. What an adorable child! Smart too!


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