Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another week at Folk Art-Lovin' Headquarters.

This week:
  1. I made focaccia from Secrets of a Jewish Baker, and holy spitballs, is it good! I brushed it with olive oil, sprinkled on some kosher salt, and fresh tarragon, and ... Oh. My. Gosh. I think I like this even better than the genius cheese bread. And it's easy! It's basically pizza dough, with a pureed cooked potato.
  2. But there was a major mistake in this recipe. It never told me what to do with the cooked potato after I pureed it! This omission is repeated in the hand-kneaded and the stand-mixer version (email me if you want the right recipe). I figured it out (um, you mix it in the dough?), but it's a big mistake. And this is the second edition of the book! Rather than conclude that the Jewish Baker is capable of overlooking such a major component of a recipe, I choose to believe that he included this error on purpose, so as not to arouse the jealousy of the Bread-Making Gods and bring down their wrath. I can respect that.
  3. I skimmed and was inspired by Ellen Sandbeck's Organic Housekeeping to green our house a bit more. I invested in dishcloths with scrubby bits, and I bought more Pyrex oven-safe food storage containers, so that we can store and reheat our leftovers (and pack our lunches) in glass. I also took note of her suggestion to put a few peppercorns in your flour bin, to prevent a grain moth infestation, although I have not implemented this tip yet.
  4. And my favorite new green activity: I set up a clothesline outside. With Steve's help, I simply strung a rope from an old metal clothesline structure that lives in our yard (from days of yore - at one time, there must have been a matching structure or pulley at the other end of the yard, but no more) to our loquat tree.
  5. Then I hung towels and a quilt to dry on it, and spent a lot of time admiring the old-timey effect as the fabric billowed in the breeze.
  6. Then it rained.
  7. Then it rained again.
  8. Then  ... wait for it ... it rained again.
  9. Because of all of this rain, we haven't been doing much gardening lately. I have two pepper plants and another tomato I'm waiting to plant in the front yard. Only one of my sunflower seeds sprouted out there! Pesky birds thought that I put those there to feed them?
  10. Joe is walking everywhere now. He went from taking a couple of steps to full-on toddler status in about three weeks. But he still walks flat-footed with his arms somewhat outstretched for balance, like the cutest zombie on the face of the earth. That kid. So cute. I tell you. I know, I owe y'all pictures, but Steve left his camera at my sister's house a few days ago, and we have yet to retrieve it.
  11. This occurred because went to my sister's baby shower last Saturday. That's right, my baby sis is having a baby. Soon, actually - she's due in June. We are so excited to meet our new little niece or nephew! We are also thrilled beyond words to get an entire year's worth of baby gear out of our house.
  12. After not breaking a single dish for a really long time, I have broken four dishes this week. Incuding one of my new pyrex food storage containers. My mother informs me this is because of a cardinal t-square between Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. That, and a certain one-year-old who wants to be carried all the time, even while I am washing dishes.
  13. This weekend: My lil' brother celebrates his 21st birthday. I finally get to meet my friend Melissa's baby Miles in person. I get a day off.
  14. Next Tuesday: I see the XX. I know, I know. I'm not allowed to say that concert-going is something I never do anymore, if in fact, I am going to a concert next week. I stand corrected. My life is indeed rich, and full of fun things. Thanks Roxanne! (Apparently she decided to invite me along because she took pity on me because of my blogging! Who says I don't get kick-backs from my writing?)
And that's pretty much it. No head cold = GREAT WEEK. How was your week?


  1. Focaccia was a truly delicious breakfast. I think even my mom would eat white flour if it had tarragon on it.

  2. We're so excited to see you and meet Joe toooooooooo! Also definitely going to make the focaccia. See you in three days!

  3. I just bought some Pyrex, thanks for this reminder to do so! My husband uses the weird old random tupperware pieces around the house to heat food in, despite my complaints. I think if I just replace it with the Pyrex, he'll use it.

  4. Now I have time to write a more detailed comment and ask: why the dish cloths with scrubbies? Is that instead of sponges? And talk to me about glass pyrex containers. Is that because plastic is evil? If I already have plastic, is it better to keep using it instead of throwing it away? (NYC only recycles certain plastics.)

  5. Melissa: Great questions!!

    Dishcloths, which can be run through the washing machine, are more hygienic than cellulose sponges (which get mildewy and gross quick) and last longer. But even though I know it's a good idea, transitioning over has been hard for me because I love the scrubby side on the sponge. Solution - dishcloths with scrubby bits! I'm working up a few knitted ideas now.

    Plastic is fine for storing food, but not all plastics are microwave safe. Glass containers are safer for reheating - so the pyrex is especially good for packing my lunch!


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