Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday boy!

Another big week here. As of today, Joe is now 53 weeks old! That's right - a year and a week! We had a little birthday gathering on Sunday, and Joe enjoyed climbing all over everyone, practicing his walking skills (he's getting better, and going further, every day!), and generally getting into mischief.

My baby boy is growing up! I have such mixed feelings about this. Oh, the cliched bittersweetness! I'll spare you. I just love that little boy.

P.S. After filling up on macaroni and cheese and chicken, Joe hardly touched his (unbelievably delicious) dessert! So no cupcake-face pictures. Next time. You'll be glad to know that I saved his cupcake from complete abandonment.

P.P.S. Joe discovered how to crawl backwards in a sliding motion. We're calling it the "moon-crawl."

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  1. I'm sure the cupcakes were DELICIOUS, but any child who fills up on macaroni and cheese has his priorities in the right place. Long live cheese! And Joseph is soooooo cute. The exuberance! The energy!


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