Friday, May 21, 2010

Chicken Dreams.

This book:

And this currently barely-used shed in our backyard:

(Ignore that chair. I don't even know where it came from. It's going in our next big item pickup. The ladder is set up to survey the blackberry brambles and strange enormous non-sweet melons that are growing all over the roof of the shed.)

And this potential chicken hangout area:

(See the giant thing that looks like a watermelon? It's not. It's tasteless, all white pith. We have no idea what it is or what its intended use might be.) 

Equals this?

Yeah, we have some work to do.

But luckily, Joe is ready to help out with the cleanup. (Note: A wide angle lens can make your baby look freakishly proportioned. In a cool super-baby way.)


  1. So. Exciting. I totally want chickens, but I don't have the space. I can see the potential in that shed!

  2. Wait, what happened to waiting a few years before seriously thinking about chickens?????

  3. Well ... (*squirms uncomfortably*) ... it will take a long time to clean out that corner, refurbish the shed, and build a henhouse and coop. The baby chicks take four or five months to grow big enough to put outside. So I think we were thinking, we'll work on our space, and maybe get baby chickies early next year?

    Which is sort of like, "a few years," right? Right?

    Need to do a separate post on my "responsibility" addiction. Two dogs, a full time job, an underwater mortgage, giant veggie garden, and a baby? IT'S JUST NOT ENOUGH CRUSHING RESPONSIBILITY FOR ME. NEED MORE.


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