Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our delicate little Omie-Flower.

When Joe was about three months old, our pretty little brown rescued pit bull Omie developed a mysterious digestive illness. She turned her nose up at her kibble. She became listless and lethargic. There were some digestive issues (don't ask). She lost a lot of weight (and she has always been a slender pooch).

It was pretty alarming. Steve and I were overwhelmed with new parenthood, but also very worried about her. We brought her to the vet, but they found nothing wrong.

We modified her diet, and she did seem to perk up a bit. But she remained thin and a little listless.

Recently, however, she has gotten some meat on her bones and almost all of her pep back. I attribute this wonderful development to Joe. Who can resist his joie de vivre? Or, perhaps more the to point, the peanut butter, chicken pieces, cheese, and assortment of legumes, fresh fruits, and vegetables that he hands out several times a day?:

Of course, technically, offering table scraps to the dogs is a no-no. But Rebecca seems to be the only person in this house who follows that rule. Shhhh.


  1. When Omie first got sick, I actually had a pang of guilt - maybe she is suffering from grief and neglect because we had a baby! And now we spend all our time snuggling this baby, and hardly any time snuggling Omie!

    Um, no. Apparently she was not suffering from lack of love, but from simple lack of peanut butter. ;-)

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