Monday, May 31, 2010

Pickle Patch 2010!

On Saturday, we dug a bed for Rebecca's Ace cucumber seedlings. This was Rebecca's first California gardening experience. Rebecca posted some photos of the momentous event on her blog, but in my opinion, this occasion requires a photo slideshow!

Some details to note: (1) Steve is teaching Joe how to climb a ladder, and he is now extremely proficient at it. Don't look at me. How is this possibly a good idea, Steve? (2) We jerry-rigged a pretty trashy looking fence around the new patch, mostly to keep Crouton out, using some chicken wire, an old piece of plywood, a tomato cage, and a rake. (3) Joe's forlorn abandoned-baby frown belies the fact that two minutes before, he was having fun climbing a really tall ladder. (4) The dogs really know how to enjoy a warm day.

And finally, a picture of my new clothesline in all of its old-timey glory:

(Special thanks to Rebecca for letting me use her camera!)


  1. that's one sweet lil' pickle sprout!

  2. Aw! "Pickle sprout" just got added to my list of favorite nicknames for Joe, up there with "Bug Face McGee"!

  3. OMG! Your post totally kicks my post's behind!!!!! Squee!!


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