Friday, June 4, 2010

Big day! Joe meets Miles, and discovers a leaky faucet.

This past Sunday, Joe and I traveled down to East San Jose to visit with my friends Melissa and Robin, and their baby Miles. I met Melissa and Robin many years ago, through our mutual good friend E., and for a couple of years, we all lived in Los Angeles and enjoyed afternoon pints together with some frequency. Now Melissa and Robin live in Brooklyn, with their seven month old baby Miles, but Melissa is one of my best friends and email buddies. We exchange emails daily about life, babies, and work. Melissa and Robin blog about their experiences with Miles at their blog, Miles and Moms. Check it out, but be warned: this blog contains dangerously high levels of EXTREME CUTENESS (and good writing!).

Since we are in such frequent contact, it's hard to believe that we had never met each other's babies in the flesh! Sunday's get-together, at Melissa's aunt and uncle's place, finally fixed that. Let it be said: Miles is even cuter in real life than in photos!! He is a smiling, sweet, outgoing baby, with deep blue peepers! He also has the most extraordinarily chubby feet. They are more like spheres of chub than feet, with little spherical chubby toes attached. I really had to try not to eat them. Yum.

Me and Miles (how nice to hold a cute lil' munchkin again! Joe is so huge I can barely do this with him anymore!):

Joe was a little clingy and needy, especially for the first couple of hours, while he got used to being around so many new people. He's going through some separation anxiety these days, plus, he cut two teeth (molars!) on Monday, so that might have been a factor as well. But after he relaxed a little, he had a blast exploring Aunt Debbie and Uncle Barry's back yard, which is a veritable Joe playground, featuring cool river rocks to throw, Duke the giant husky, pet turtles, a sprinkler, and, his favorite discovery: a leaky faucet!

(Dangnabbit, that child is beautiful.)

Exhausted by all of this fun, Joe nursed and took an (exceedingly rare) public nap, right on the picnic blanket, with people chatting and milling about all around him. He hasn't done this since he was a wee pup. Now Melissa will never believe me when I whine about how hard it is to get this kid to nap!

It was a beautiful day! I'm sad that Melissa, Robin, and Miles are back in Brooklyn now, but I'm plotting a NYC trip for our family this fall ... watch out M., M., and R.! Here we come! (Also, watch out, Nami!)

Aside: Melissa's Aunt Debbie has the biggest, most beautiful tomato plants in her front yard! They are something to behold! I am inspired by her public veggie gardening, and also, envious of her East San Jose sunshine!


  1. Love it when they fall asleep out of sheer sustained excitement. And, because it bears repeating and re-repeating, your baby is beautiful!

  2. Inder, it was sooo wonderful to see you in the flesh and to actually behold Joe in all his glory. Thanks for coming out to San Jose two days in a row! My family loved you, as I knew they would. We'd love to get you out this way in October. Bring it on!


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