Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Not-Quite-Weekly Update.

This week:
  1. I made "Honey Oatmeal Bread," (from Secrets of a Jewish Baker, of course) which is a sweet white bread with cooked oatmeal included for moisture and a little flavor. But this time, I got brave and substituted some white whole wheat flour for all-purpose flour. Result: Light, slightly nutty, sandwich-bread goodness. Yum!
  2. I hung several loads of wash on the line! Frugal, and so nice to look at!
  3. I brought my lunch to work three days this week, and even resisted buying afternoon coffee and cookies. More frugality! Yay!
  4. Then, I blew everything I saved and (quite a bit) more on a new power cord for my Macbook. Boo.
  5. Joseph has learned to take off his shoes and hand them directly to Crouton, who, as you may recall, finds shoes to be irresistibly delectable. Crouton appreciates the hand-delivery of  tasty bite-sized chew-toys, but I do not. Crouton has chewed two pairs of Joe's shoes already and would be happy to add more of these small morsels to his collection.
  6. I have visited the nibling, a.k.a. "Helly-Belly," several times now. She even opened her eyes once! My sister is doing wonderfully with breastfeeding and adjusting to new motherhood. She's a natural. Of course.
  7. I am listening to an audio version of Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea, and it is simultaneously beautiful and possibly, one of the most boring novels I have ever read. It's a good thing it's really short.
  8. Before I blew my shoe budget on a new power cord for my laptop and new shoes for Joe, I was drooling over these beauties. But Joe would probably just give them to Crouton anyway.
  9. I worked, worked, and worked some more this week. Things have been very busy at my day-job! But I prefer things to be very busy to very slow, generally, because when I'm busy, there is never any doubt about what I need to do next. (There, I said it. Braces self for enormous flood of new assignments.)
  10. Once again, I donned a suit to discuss marijuana. I love my job.
  11. Nonetheless, I might actually finish a quilt this weekend! Now, that would be something to report! Note: I seem to enjoy starting quilts, but not finishing them.
  12. Other possibly over-ambitious plans for this weekend: Clean out back "bedroom," which is teeny-weeny (too small for a bed, in fact), and also known as the "den o' crap." Make more bread. Visit nibling. Go on second (!) date night with Steve ever since Joe was born!
Have a great weekend!


  1. As my mom would surely tell you, starting quilts and not finishing them is one of the 7 habits of a highly effective quilter! OK she might not say that. But she would have *something* to say.

  2. 1.Yummingrumf 2. Cool 3. Bravo! 4. Yikes. 5. Uh oh 6. Awww… 7. Uh huh. 8. Sigh 9. Phshew 10. Ha! 11.Nice 12. Woo hoo!

  3. Anne, I love that! It should be 7 Habits of an Ineffective Quilter, and I'm sorry, but I might have to steal that as an idea for a blog post! Because I have AT LEAST 7 habits that make me an ineffective quilter, including #7 I never finish the quilts I start.

    Melissa, footnotes! Awesome! I had to go back and reread my posts to understand each response. Delightful!

    Update: Date night was awesome (I have a wine headache to show for it), and I'm probably NOT going to finish binding the quilt. C'est la vie.

  4. Yeah, there are some good things about my day-job (as assistant city attorney). Like, trying to keep a straight face while city officials discuss whether two ounces of pot enough for one person for a week (for "medicinal purposes" of course ... ahem).


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