Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hand towels.

I opened my email this morning, to find this helpful suggestion from

"As someone who has shown an interest in hand towels ..."? What the eff?

In case you were wondering, I have never bought hand towels on Amazon. My hand towel collection, like my kitchen towel collection, is ratty, well loved, and almost entirely thrifted.

Like anyone who has ever bought anything from Amazon, I do get a lot of random suggestions from them, but they mostly fall into two categories: (1) Nineteenth century novels (or zombie spoofs on same); and (2) Indie rock. There is usually some sense to the suggestions, however stupid I may find them (I have exactly zero interest in zombie or vampire spoofs on nineteenth century novels; I am far too busy reading the real thing and being snooty about it).

Now, it is true that I am interested in some things that other people (okay, everyone) might find boring. For example: the California Environmental Quality Act and Williamson Act farm conservation contracts.

But this suggestion just seems insulting. I've been effectively reduced to a woman with a deep, abiding passion in hand towels.

Now, if they had shared a collection of hand towels from the 1940s with an assortment of squid, squirrels, cockroaches, and moose embroidered on them, that might be a different story ...


  1. Apparently everyone *else* who listens to indie rock and reads 19th century novels buys their hand towels on Amazon.

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