Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby pants.

This used to be a craft blog! (Sort of.) But the problem with craft blogs is that you not only have to blog, but you have to do crafts as well. Sheesh. How do craft bloggers do it? So much work!

Also, sewing is not a very baby-compatible activity, as shown by the following mathematical equation:

Scissors + hot iron + needles + machinery + spirited child = BAD

Hence the garden/cooking/mommy/randomness/almost-no-crafts blog.

But I still love crafts and try to squeeze some sewing in when I can.

I finished my quilt!

And a couple of weeks ago, I made baby pants for Joe's baby friend Jimmy George, using the super simple pants pattern from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby. Here is Joe modeling them (and trying to pull the iron down onto his head):

I added a little red cargo pocket on the side, and matching cuffs. There is nothing cuter, or more completely useless, than a baby cargo pocket. I mean, what's the baby going to put in that pocket? His cell phone? His house keys? Not likely. It's just a couple of rectangles of cute.

And here's Joe after I told him that he couldn't play with the hot iron. That forlorn expression is almost enough to get mama to say, "Well ... okay ... you can play with the hot iron. Just this once!" Almost.


  1. Rectangles of cute!!! You are so right. Robin was just remarking yesterday about how she loves any baby pants that have pockets. And I was like, "Oh really because Inder blogged about that!" and went on and on about your cute pants and the rectangles of cute and so on. Also, Joe is a fantastic model. I mean, that miniature version of Steve you refer to as Joe. Because in this photo, I'm wondering how you shrunk Steve like that.


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