Thursday, August 19, 2010

First ripe tomato of the year!!

A week ago, I noticed that one of our tomato plants was laden with greenish golden red, ripening tomatoes!! Oh joy! Summer! Images of ripe tomatoes sliced with sprigs of basil and fresh buffalo mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, danced before my eyes.

For the next several days, I checked in on the ripest tomato every afternoon, gently squeezing the plump little "Beefsteak" to see whether it was ready yet.

Then, a few days ago, the flesh yielded just so under my fingers. I took the plunge. I picked the first red tomato from the vine.

With much shouting and fanfare, I ran into the house and sliced the tomato, still warm from the sun, open right then. The flesh was luscious and bright, bright red. My mouth watered with anticipation.

I bit down.


Mealy. Flavorless. Styrofoam.

I've had better tomatoes from Safeway. In December.

(Three words: Bay. Area. "Summer.")


  1. Oh no! That is awful! How disappointing! What variety was it?

  2. Beefmaster VFN or something? I should have known, I never really love the hybrids, but my husband always insists that I plant something "normal." As opposed to, you know, those "strange" heirlooms.

    (Never mind that he doesn't actually like tomatoes that much. Okay, that's it, next year it's just heirlooms! Sorry Steve!)

    So anyway, I still have high hopes for the other plants I put in. And maybe, if we could just get more than five seconds of sustained heat, the Beefsteaks would taste a little better too?



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