Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Petting zoo.

Yesterday, I took the afternoon off work and took Joe to the Oakland Zoo. We arrived only two hours before closing, which is not a lot of time in "child time," where you wander slowly from exhibit to exhibit, pointing and talking, and take frequent breaks for toddling around and climbing on park benches. So we didn't even make it to the big animals - the elephants, lions, and giraffes. But Joe was perfectly fine with that. The highlight of his day? Goats. 

Joe absolutely loved the petting zoo, and spent the whole time wandering from goat to goat, excitedly, and then looking around and pointing out other goats, and basically ... he was so happy! Who needs Zebras? I hear they are nasty, unfriendly animals. Whereas goats are nice and tame (when they are not trying to eat your shirt). Some of them were even small and Joe-sized (were they kids? were they a different breed? I couldn't tell you).

Joe takes so much simple joy in being around animals. Now, if we could just convince him to stop yanking on ears and noses and tails (and while we're at it, our faces and hair) ... any suggestions?

My beautiful, exuberant baby boy.


  1. It must be said - petting zoo goats are the most amazingly patient creatures in existence. The way my toddlers have mauled them, and they have remained completely placid, astounds me. I suppose that's why one sees so many goats in petting zoos.

  2. My dad pointed out that goats were one of the first domesticated animals, thus, "we understand each other."

    All I know is that they are cute, and I want one of those little ones!!


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