Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spirited Joe.

 Do you Have a Spirited Child?
  • Is your child more curious than other children his age?
  • Is your child more adventurous than other children his age?
  • Is your child more powerful than other children his age?
  • Is your child more persistent than other children his age?
  • Is your child more sensitive than other children his age?
  • Does your child never sleep?
  • Does your child climb ladders better than children twice his age?
  • Are you more worried about your child seriously hurting your dogs than vice versa?
  • When your child cries so loud the neighbors consider calling child protective services, is it because you didn't let him climb on the kitchen counter and sit on top of the toaster oven while it is in operation?
  • Are you often surprised to find that all of those marks on your child's face are bruises, not dirt?
  • Does your child have bright blue eyes and curly brown hair?
  • Is your child named Joseph Roscoe?
If you answered yes to five or more of the questions above, there is a good chance your child is "spirited" (if you answered yes to all of them, then ... Hey! That's my baby! Give him back!).

It's been a wonderful and spirited fifteen months, my sweet baby boy Joe!

(Quiz loosely paraphrased from Taming the Spirited Child, by Michael Popkin, PhD.)


  1. Does your baby find adventure in a leaky faucet? Was your baby responsible for the Great Pin Disaster of 2010? :)

  2. Didn't even know this blog existed until my Sis-In-Law sent me the link...

    ...I would not hesitate to say...under any circumstances...that my not just spirited...



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