Monday, September 20, 2010

How to entertain your toddler while you sew.

1. Buy a box of bias tape, rick-rack, seam bindings, and blanket bindings off eBay for $10. Add whatever other odds and ends of trim you have laying around. Don't worry about keeping it organized, you can always untangle the rick-rack from the bias tape if you have to, and anyway, the box only cost $10! (Also, did you know that bias tape used to come in 100% cotton, in all kinds of beautiful colors that are no longer offered? Second hand vintage bias tape is the way to go.)

3. Put box on floor, preferably shut with one piece of tape. Use mild reverse psychology to give your toddler the idea that these are grown-up things and not for babies. Turn the other way and pretend not to notice when said toddler makes a gleeful grab for the box of goodies.

4. Quick, go get some ironing done!

5. While pretending not to notice, let toddler make an enormous mess, unravel everything, and explore all of the different textures. Silently congratulate yourself on allowing your child to explore and learn, Montessori-style, while simultaneously indulging your current favorite hobby and obsession.

6. Pin and sew like the wind!

7. When toddler's interest in box begins to wane, throw some rick-rack over his head and watch him giggle as he tries to untangle himself.

8. Sew, sew, sew!! Your time is limited!

9. Okay, take a break and enjoy the show.


  1. VERY timely, thanks. How would I go about finding a big box of sewing supplies on Ebay for $10? Search on "random sewing supplies"?

  2. Yes, also: "notions," "vintage bias," etc. Look for "large lot of .." Seriously, people pick up big ol' piles of stuff at estate sales and resell them, as-is, for very little.

    But also, you could just come over and raid my stash!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Like, could Joe be any more gorgeous? I actually do basically the same thing all the time with my almost-toddler. It's funny how often I invite him to make a mess so that I can do something for awhile. Sometimes I invite him to make a mess so I can clean up another mess. It's very Alice in Wonderland in its absurdity. But I completely approve of your parenting methods. Pure genius!

  4. Yes, allowing the child to make an (easily contained) mess in order to clean up and/or avoid a (not as easily contained) mess - it's the oldest trick in the book!

    Now, if only it bought me more than a couple of minutes!

  5. the cuteness!!! ack!!!!!!! it's like a big box of vintage assorted multitextured, multicolored cutenesses.

  6. Cute. You have a beautiful attitude.

    Sometimes the unwork they do while I try to get some work done gets to me.

    But nothing keeps 'em busy like making a mess.

  7. When I can't get Joe stop climbing up onto the sewing table to adjust my machine settings or grab for the pin cushion or scissors ... that gets seriously old, fast. (See prior post regarding "spirited" children.)

  8. Wahaha, I especially love #5. Hilarious. Looking forward to pictures of your latest projects! I have an old, inherited sewing machine in storage you're inspiring me to pull out and use.


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