Saturday, October 30, 2010


I'm over here on the couch, watching bad television and occasionally blowing my nose into a cloth diaper, while Joe helps himself to the dogs' water bowl and handfuls of kibble. Hey, at least he's not going hungry.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dress your baby in stripes!

Joe got some new pajamas delivered yesterday.

New delivery

Can you tell I love to see babies in stripes?

Joe turns everything into a car

Yay stripes!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn pants.

After the coldest, foggiest, stupidest summer ever,* Northern California has had a gloriously warm and sunny autumn. I have been pretending that it will never end, and that I will be wearing breezy summer dresses all winter, but realistically, there are signs of fall in the air. The equinox was weeks ago. Yesterday we had our first rain of the season. Daylight savings is coming up soon. After a late start, the tomatoes are almost spent. I broke out my knee-high boots today. Time is passing. Sigh.

I'm definitely a fan of long days and warm weather, so it's hard for me to see autumn as anything other than the beginning of months of wearing thick socks (in our badly insulated house) and leaving work well after it gets dark, ugh.

But there are some definite perks to the season. Namely: Fall colors, and corduroy.

Trying to make the best of this, and keep Joe's tush warm in the bargain, I made these from scraps left over from previous baby pants projects:

Cord pants.

Yes, that is red baby-wale corduroy, embossed with ponies. On his butt. (And now I have used every last usable inch of the pony fabric!)

Here is what they look like from the front:

Cord pants, front.

The inspiration for these came from Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings. Her "Quick Change Trousers" have a cute contrasting bottom. I love that pattern, but I wanted the contrasting panel to be larger, and I wasn't keen on making a pair of fully-lined, reversible pants (this is California, after all, not New England - the seasons don't change that much). So I used my go-to baby pants pattern (the "Huck Finn Pants" from Weekend Sewing), and simply cut the back pattern piece into two pieces, added seam allowance, and eyeballed some contrasting pony cuffs.

Bad insulation or no, every time I just look at these, I get a warm, tingly, 1970s home-decor feeling. My only regret is that I could not applique pony-knee-patches onto them because I don't have enough fabric. Ah, well. Next time.

More cords.

Happy October!

*According to me.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The great avocado mystery: A graphic screenplay.

Trouble? Who, me?

Rebecca: "Where did my avocados go?"

Me: "What?"

Rebecca: "I had four avocados, and three of them are gone! I left them right here in this bowl."

Me: "Uh oh. Joe does like to grab avocados ..."

Rebecca: "They're probably in the living room or something. Crap."

Me, looking around for remains of avocados used as projectiles, toys, dog snacks: "I don't see any evidence of avocado here. You'd think something would be left over. Maybe he took them into the backyard?"

Me, calling Steve: "Hey Steve, Rebecca is missing three avocados. Did you see Joe playing with them?"

Steve: "What? Avocados? No, sorry, I pretty much kept Joe out of the kitchen today."

Rebecca, in a huff: "Fine, I'll just make something else. How could they just disappear? I should have kept them out of Joe's way."

Me: "Sorry! Ugh. Where could they have gone?" I wander back to the dining room to look around a little more.

Still huffing, Rebecca, opens toaster oven intending to toast her tortilla and then eat it WITHOUT GUACAMOLE. Sigh.

Sudden shrieking sounds emerge from the kitchen. When I turn around, Rebecca is on the kitchen floor, making squeaky noises and helplessly clutching her stomach.

Me: "Rebecca! What's wrong?"

Rebecca, sputtering: "Look!!!!!"*
That's right, all of the trays and racks have been REMOVED from the oven, but at least the avocados are safe and sound.

I'm sure this makes perfect sense to Joe.

* If you're thinking, "You let your kid stand on stools and play with a toaster oven?," the answer is, "Well ...  yes ... sometimes ... sigh." (Followed by half-hearted, lame statements about spirited children and laissez-faire pro-exploration parenting philosophy. Collapses in exhausted heap on the couch.)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Eating on the run.

A glimpse into the life of a "spirited" child: This is what happens when you forget to strap Joe into the high chair. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visiting Miles.

Some photos from our recent trip to New York City!

We stayed in Park Slope, Brooklyn with our wonderful friends and hosts Melissa, Robin, and Miles (of the fabulous blog, Miles and Moms). We had a great time in NYC. Highlights of the trip: Pizza, deli sandwiches, bagels, cannoli, Columbian food, Indian food, Buffalo wings ... well, you get the idea.

(And of course, our friend Nami's wedding! Too bad Joe had to be hauled out of the wedding horizontally after only an hour or so, kicking and screaming! Sigh. Note to self: Hire a babysitter next time. Sorry, Nami! Congratulations!)

When they weren't keeping each other up all night with alternating crying, Miles and Joe played together beautifully. Well, Joe never threw a temper tantrum on top of Miles, at any rate. And there was a lot of playing, strolling, laughter, and giggling.

But as soon as I pulled the camera out, both babies did their best impression of forlorn, Depression-era, orphan children:

Handsome, kind, delectable Miles. Too bad no one loves him. (HA.)

Two babies, watching trucks drive by, hoping the nice garbage truck guy will adopt them.

Miles plays with his toy drum. That person to the right? Definitely not his nice mommy.

Miles eats yogurt. He only gets a small ration.

This yogurt ration is serious business!
Don't let these kids fool you with their serious expressions - there was a whole lot of FUN happening on this trip! I just didn't quite catch it on film.

(Sheesh, I feel like I should make a very serious documentary with these photos. Lighten up, kids!)