Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The great avocado mystery: A graphic screenplay.

Trouble? Who, me?

Rebecca: "Where did my avocados go?"

Me: "What?"

Rebecca: "I had four avocados, and three of them are gone! I left them right here in this bowl."

Me: "Uh oh. Joe does like to grab avocados ..."

Rebecca: "They're probably in the living room or something. Crap."

Me, looking around for remains of avocados used as projectiles, toys, dog snacks: "I don't see any evidence of avocado here. You'd think something would be left over. Maybe he took them into the backyard?"

Me, calling Steve: "Hey Steve, Rebecca is missing three avocados. Did you see Joe playing with them?"

Steve: "What? Avocados? No, sorry, I pretty much kept Joe out of the kitchen today."

Rebecca, in a huff: "Fine, I'll just make something else. How could they just disappear? I should have kept them out of Joe's way."

Me: "Sorry! Ugh. Where could they have gone?" I wander back to the dining room to look around a little more.

Still huffing, Rebecca, opens toaster oven intending to toast her tortilla and then eat it WITHOUT GUACAMOLE. Sigh.

Sudden shrieking sounds emerge from the kitchen. When I turn around, Rebecca is on the kitchen floor, making squeaky noises and helplessly clutching her stomach.

Me: "Rebecca! What's wrong?"

Rebecca, sputtering: "Look!!!!!"*
That's right, all of the trays and racks have been REMOVED from the oven, but at least the avocados are safe and sound.

I'm sure this makes perfect sense to Joe.

* If you're thinking, "You let your kid stand on stools and play with a toaster oven?," the answer is, "Well ...  yes ... sometimes ... sigh." (Followed by half-hearted, lame statements about spirited children and laissez-faire pro-exploration parenting philosophy. Collapses in exhausted heap on the couch.)


  1. hahaha! Love it! Him and Lucy would wreck some havoc for sure =)

  2. Adorable Joe and funny article.


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