Friday, November 5, 2010

Eighteen Months.

Joe is a year and a half old! It boggles the mind, doesn't it? He's been out of the womb for twice as long as he was in it! And, ooh-boy, watch out world: Joe's has one BIG personality!

Happy Halloween

Joe likes: Brushing his teeth, strawberries, watching garbage trucks, pushing around things with wheels, climbing very high, milkies, chicken, taking his shoes off, eating with a spoon or fork, standing on chairs, eating food out of a muffin tin, howling like a coyote, animals, construction sites, baths, and reading books.

Joe dislikes: Avocado, getting his diaper changed, having his face washed, doing cute things (okay, anything) on command, wearing shoes, having the toothbrush taken away, spicy food, staying put in a highchair, saying goodbye to mama, and being told "no."

Me, I just love that baby boy.

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  1. He's so BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations on an amazing first year and a half. You brought an incredible human being into the world.


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