Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas: Pretty nice in the end.

Well, despite lingering coughs and tummy upsets, we managed to pull together a really fun Christmas morning. My little brother Harpal came up and spent Christmas eve and morning with us, providing a much needed dose of good health and energy.


My mom has apparently been crocheting for MONTHS, making hats and slippers for everyone, as well as these monster crocheted stockings, which we displayed against a not-so-attractive baby fence. These stockings can get a smile from even the sickest of sickos, because they are just so huge! And crocheted! And huge! My mother has a flair for the dramatic, definitely.

Crocheted stockings.

Joe is not quite old enough to "get" Christmas. He didn't really want to open presents, preferring to play with toys already opened and scattered around the room.  After opening up two toy trucks, he just wanted to be left alone with his trucks, thank you very much.

He did get a chance to try on some of Granny's crochet, though.

Joe in crocheted hat.

And then he spent the day in very serious, focused play. With his new fleet of toy trucks.

More serious truck play.

Joe works seriously with trucks.

This baby may not talk much, but he has a very serious work ethic. I couldn't get one smile out of him during this time - just looks of rapt concentration.

And now, we are all going to go convalesce. Happy Boxing Day!

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