Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas trucks.

Mom is in town now and in a couple of days we are going to do some major Christmas decorating, so hold tight for more X-mas posts. (We are last minute Christmas decorators in my family. I think it's easier to get into the "spirit" a little closer to the date, plus trees are a lot cheaper in the week before X-mas.)

Mom arrived with a suitcase full of GIANT CROCHETED STOCKINGS for everyone in the household!

Just wait: If these don't make you smile, you will want to have someone check your pulse.

In the meantime, Joe got his first gift yesterday from Auntie Krishna, Uncle Mikey, and Cousin Jaki: A giant dump truck full of "Mega Blocks" chunky building blocks. A more perfect gift for my truck-loving, building-block-loving baby boy does not exist.

(Well, okay, but they don't make giant garbage trucks full of Mega Blocks, unfortunately.)

Here is a low-quality shot taken with my cell phone this morning. Check out those dimpled knuckles!

Joe's first Christmas Gift, 2010

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