Saturday, December 4, 2010

If you look up "sewing mania" in the DSM IV, you'll find my photo.

See that heap of stuff to the left of my sewing machine? I am suffering from a pretty severe case of too-many-projects-mania over here. Just in that pile (and not including other piles scattered around), I see an unfinished tote bag, a basted and halfway marked quilt, a partially pieced scrappy quilt that I think I hate but I feel guilty about abandoning, cut pieces of Version #2 of the Learning Curves Dress, an almost finished skirt (just need to hem it!), and a couple pieces of a corduroy jacket I'm making for Joe except I'm worried it's too small. Yikes.

What's the solution to this chaos?

Why, cut out yet another quilt, of course!

Who needs "Joe logic" when you can enjoy "Inder logic"?
Also in the pike right are multiple possible Christmas gifts that I probably won't finish until tax season. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, so I won't go into any detail on those. If you get a package from me in April, that's what happened. (I just hope it's not April 2021, but that's definitely possible too.)

My head is overflowing with ideas, and I want to start all of them! Right now!

Actually assembling, troubleshooting, and finishing a single item? Meh. Boring.

No. I MUST KEEP CUTTING!!! Muah-ha-ha!

But hey, that's what's so great about hobbies as opposed to a job. I'm allowed to ditch projects and start new ones willy-nilly, right?  Just because I feel like it ...

*Maniacal laughter muffled by ever-growing heap of fabric.*


  1. Keep on sewing! Wooo hooooo! Hobbies rock. Today I was suffering from "holiday baking mania." If you can believe it, I have unfinished projects in the refrigerator, ready to be picked up and baked tomorrow. I completely agree that a huge part of the thrill is being wildly ambitious without a mandate to follow through.

  2. Wahhahahah! The title of this blog post alone is awesomeness.


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