Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First sewing project of the new year.

I am slowly working through my heap of unfinished sewing projects. I stayed up late on Sunday night sewing the corduroy jacket that I cut out for Joe a few months ago, sewed the buttons on Monday, and put it on Joe on Tuesday.

I had worried it would be too small, and it is a bit snug, and might not fit him for long, but it is cuuuuuuute.

Baby in the hood jacket hood.
Joe wastes no time getting food on his new jacket.

That snug, elasticized hood stays put really well, and it really highlights the fact that's Joe's head, and cheeks, are almost perfectly spherical. This would not be a flattering concept on me (can you imagine?), but it is to-die-for-adorable on a toddler.

The pattern is the "Baby in the Hood" jacket from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings. I have made several projects from this book now, and so far, I have been happy and impressed with the patterns. But this one is by far my favorite so far - my only complaint is that the largest size, 24 months, is already a little snug on my baby, so I will have to get creative if I want to make a bigger version next year. (Note: If you are making this jacket for a taller baby, you might want to add an inch or two of length to the jacket body and sleeves. You might want to do this anyway, for a warmer jacket that covers up a bit more tush.)

I used lime green and gray corduroy and lined the jacket in flannel printed with piles of books (a tiny little subliminal message for my still almost nonverbal baby, ahem).

(The book fabric was designed by Anna Maria Horner as well - clearly I share her aesthetic sensibilities. The book with the green and red binding has the insignia of the Modern Library publishing company, which is just too cool.)

Baby in the hood jacket lining
Just like the shelves full of classics I grew up around.

Some minor changes - I used toggles instead of round buttons, and I used blue and black ribbon instead of self-fabric loops for the toggles, to bring the blue from the lining into the exterior of the jacket (and avoid having to make self-fabric loops in corduroy, ugh).

Upside down hood.
See? Perfectly spherical.

I love this jacket. I am pleased as punch with how it turned out.

And some gratuitious cuteness for you. Dangnabbit, that kid is cute. Those cheeks!

You would not be able to resist tickling him either.


  1. You are a sewing genius and I'm ridiculously jealous. I have no sewing skill whatsoever. Nice job!

  2. Joe and Inder, both adorable and talented.

  3. Mad skills you have there. As if Joe NEEDS to be cuter! :-)

  4. Really cute. You are a sewing machine.

  5. Aw, you guys are sweet! I have been sewing up a storm lately. Have I mentioned that I tend to go through very intense phases, obsess over a hobby for a couple of months, and then get burned out and take a year-long break? You've been warned.

  6. Um, I know I'm supposed to focus on the sewing, but OH LORDY LORDY, that is the cutest kid evah!


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