Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In recent news ...

I just haven't been in the mood to blog. It does happen! But there is some interesting stuff going on:

  1. I have new little cousin-once-removed! My cousin Erin's baby AJ was born a couple days ago. He's a chunk (almost 9 lbs)! And cute! Major baby boom in my family these days.
  2. I have been making incredibly slow progress on Steve's shirt. I wouldn't say that sewing a man's shirt is "difficult" exactly, but it is time-intensive. A bit fussy. Lots of top stitching. So far, I have made two buttonholes, and if you stand back and squint, they're really not so bad. It's coming along. I'm learning lots of new stuff about my sewing machine (which is quite a bit older than me but can still surprise).
  3. Joe is still way behind in the speech department, but he finally started saying "Mama" - I find it funny that while "Dada!" is still used primarily to summon Steve to the scene of something fun and interesting, "Mama" is always said in a shrill whine while Joe is hanging off my legs.
  4. We are on a strict budget these days and trying to pay down our debt. I recently started doing weekly meal plans. I fully expected that this would be an extreme austerity measure that would kill all of my enjoyment of cooking. I have been pleasantly surprised to find (on week three here), that it is really freeing. I don't know what took me so long! More later. 
  5. Next: Extreme couponing? Nah.
  6. Confession: I am cheating on Secrets of a Jewish Baker with Amy's Breads.
  7. I randomly threw some old, expired seeds around the backyard. We'll see what comes of that.
  8. Joe continues to be obsessed with garbage trucks, but I'm trying to broaden his horizons to include trains, street sweepers, and pretty much anything on YouTube that isn't a garbage truck. Kids: love repetition. Parents: maybe not quite so much.
  9. Along those lines, CLICK HERE for hilarious Muppet awesomeness.
  10. I am reading the most amazing history, A Midwife's Tale. Apparently I am pretty late to this party, there's already a PBS documentary on it. (ETA: It was published in 1990, so I am very late. Like twenty-one years late. But it's still a rockin' party!)
  11. I would rather be reading my book than ... doing pretty much anything else. Sorry, blog.
  12. The book beckons. See you soon!


  1. We read excerpts of A Midwife's tale in our freshman core class in college but it never occurred to me to go back and read the rest! Good stuff.

  2. Yeah, it's everything I love in a book: Woman's history, epidemiology, household economy, babies. Awesome!


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